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In the case of internships, both the candidates and the employer have different goals than would be the case for a full-time professional position. Furthermore, employers are likely to use somewhat different selection criteria when choosing interns as opposed to recruiting full-time employees. As you might expect, these differences are reflected in the application process, and a particular style of resume, known as the "internship resume" has gradually developed in this area.

Some of the key differences between internships and full-time professional positions include:
  • A good candidate's goal in applying for an internship is not to further their career, but rather to acquire skills and improve their education, so that they later can successfully seek a position in the industry.

  • Professional experience is not required for an internship - the whole purpose (from the candidate's point of view) is to gain experience.

  • Academic achievements rather than work experience are one of the key differentiatiors when applying for an internship - and good candidates are able to demonstrate that the desired internship is a logical extension to their studies.
As is the case for any resume, an internship resume should begin with an objective, however there are some important differences in how you should write your objective. The key points to include are:
  1. How the desired internship aligns with your studies

  2. What you are able to offer the employer

  3. What you hope to gain from the experience

  4. How you intend to use the skils that you acquire in your future professional career
The purpose of this information is show not only are your committed to and desirous of the internship, but that you are also the best candidate as well as the most deserving, and that you will take maximum advantage of the opportunity. It's not just about you however - you also want to show what you can bring to the table: employers want interns who will be an asset to their organization during the internship, and who may return to them in future (after completing their studies) as skilled professional employees.

After your objective the next sections are your education, your qualifications, and finally any work experience that you might have. In each case you want to prioritize and list first those things that make you are ideal candidate for the internship. For example, if you have taken particular classes that qualify you for the internship, list those first. Likewise, if you do have some work experience, explain what you have done and how it can help you with the internship - this includes things such as experience in customer service, taking charge of a problem, communication, team work, etc.

References are a very important part of an internship resume. For any previous jobs that you've had, you should list your supervisor's name, title and contact information (be sure to inform the supervisor that you are using their name in this way). Perhaps the strongest support you can get is letters of recommendation from your professors - if you can ask two or three of your professors to write directly to the employer, or give you their recommendations in a sealed envelope, that would be ideal. Your professors probably have a good idea already what to write in these situations, and their recommendations will hopefully point-out not only your academic achievements, but also other skills such as your dedication, enthusiasm, interpersonal commmunication skills and work ethic. Finally, assuming you have good grades, a copy of your transcripts (certified copy of your grades), will bolster your application if attached to your resume.

Once you have prepared your resume, you should carefully proofread it. It is also good to seek a second and professional opinion, so take all the material to your school's career center - they should be able to offer plenty of useful advice.

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